“The Boot Camp for Women” program has been a God send, and I mean that literally.  Controlling my weight has been a struggle for me since my early 20’s.  Throughout my life, I have used various methods to attempt to keep my weight under control, but until recently I had obtained very little success.  I used every method that I could conceive of, ranging from starving for a week at a time to fit into a particular dress, to diet pills to every wacky diet that I could find.  As I said my success had been very limited and after losing about ten pounds, I would regain twenty.  Most recently, my struggle with my weight had gotten completely out of control.  In 1999 my husband and I were called to pastor our current church; Lion of Judah Worship Center.  With this new position came a great deal of stress, and the increased stress caused an accompanying increase in weight. Then in 2000 I lost my brother to an asthma attack.  Ten months later, my only son was killed.  The grief and depression that I dealt with as a result of these traumatic events caused my weight to climb out of control.  The grief was unbearable and I ate to assuage the pain.  In 2004, my mother lost her battle with cancer and this led to additional stress and pain.  The added weight served to depress me more.  By the time that I heard of Ken Williams boot camp program, I was at wits end.  God has used the program to help me gain a measure of control in my life.  I have been taught to eat properly and the workouts challenge my body in such a way, that I WILL NOT overeat; this defeats the purpose.  Ken is an excellent trainer and I feel that for him, this program is his ministry.  He is sincerely concerned about every aspect of your life , not just the physical and he works to encourage each of the participants.  This program has blessed my life and I would recommend it to anyone”.

Rev. Brenda F. Etheridge

Pastor, Lion of Judah Worship Center

Michelle Germano

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“When Ken works with a client, he strength-trains the body, soul, and spirit. He “gets” the connection that when you change the “inside”….there is a strong desire and ease about changing the “outside”. He helps develop the “inner core” of a person. If you are looking for a miracle….Ken can take you there….but you need to take the first step….and keep “in step” with him. He is truly gifted by God, maximizes the gifts, and willingly shares from the heart. He “is” the success story….to “your” success story. (Can you tell I “don’t like the guy”…..heh! heh!….just kidding! Thought you could use a laugh, Ken!) ”


“My testimonial would be  that since starting Bootcamp in April of this year, my life has been transformed.   The result of this program has been weight loss of 25 lbs (35 lbs total since Jan 08 – I was in the cardio and ab class prior to Bootcamp).  I have also lost 7 inches from my hips, 5 from my waist , etc.  I continue to be humbled by my increasing endurance.   I  have to say though, that the weight loss was bound to be the result of my dedication to this program.   How could it not be?  With Ken Williams at the helm of Bootcamp one cannot help but be inspired and enthusiastic.  Ken sincerely cares about us.  This is unlike any other program/gym I have ever attended.  I have been a member of other gyms for the past 30 years.  Bootcamp for Women-BodyByKen stands alone.”

“Lastly,  I have found that with all the things happening in life that are beyond my control, this is one thing I can control.  I am in control of my decision to participate and strive for a healthier life and ultimately a better me.”

Sandy Hellstern

“Just a quick note to let you know that between Sept 22nd,when I was weighed and measured @ Womens Workout before I started Boot Camp, and Oct 24, 2008 I lost 3 pounds and 7 3/4 inches !!! I am so excited !!! Your class was so motivating!! I will definitely be back again!!” Thanks! Cindy Gulbronson

“While I may not have lost a ton of weight or won any body building competitions I want to share with you my success and it is largely due to Boot Camp For Women. At 11 I was told I had scoliosis and was subsequently braced for two years. My backbone is a backward “s”. Before the brace the curves in my spine were at 28 degrees for top curve and 36 degrees for bottom. After the two years at approximately 23 hours a day in the brace the curves were at 18 degrees for top and 28 for the bottom. I was told that is the best they would be. I did chiropractic therapy on and off over the next 23 years not consistent though..no improvement ..nor did it get worse..In March I started going to a Physical Therapist who would adjust my spine..however I also started Boot Camp..In such a short period of time with Boot Camp largely contributing to the strengthening and redevelopment of my muscles in my back incorporated with the Physical Therapist’s adjustments (and I just got the news today from my Doctor..and I HAD to share) my top curve is now 14 degrees and my bottom curve is 24 degrees! I just want to say THANK YOU! And thank you for taking your time to read this and let me share with you my success..” Elizabeth Hennessy

Legh Murphy

“You don’t have to step it up anymore than you already do – I was wringing wet when I got home this morning – I just like my ab work! I love the class – wouldn’t miss it unless i had a huge temperature – I haven’t missed one yet – I actually wore Bermudas for the very first time out to dinner this past Thursday night – haven’t done that in years – I’m proud of myself and I owe it all to you – again, thanks for all you do”

“A couple of years ago I had a toxic reaction to something and my bone marrow stopped working.  I had to have more than 20 blood and plasma transfusions to keep me alive before undergoing chemo and finally taking huge doses of
steroids.  I ended up with steroid induced diabetes and while it went away when
I stopped taking them I’m predisposed to the condition and have to be careful
with my diet and definitely need to exercise.  The worst part of all this was
ballooning to over 200 pounds.  Most of the weight was water retention and fell
off when I wasn’t taking steroids but I still haven’t managed to get into the
clothes I wore before my illness…Getting into those clothes is my main motivation and your program gives me hope
that I will get there!…Its a great program with a wonderful group and you bring it all together and
make it fun.


“Thank you very much for pushing me.  I am stronger and have more endurance
than I had just two weeks ago.  I’m also down 6 pounds, so far!  You’re
really growing on Samantha and I and we are going to miss coming to class.
I am pushing her to continue with you and hope that she does.

Thanks for always being “on” and pushing us – I realize trainers don’t
really get to have a down day, you always have to be positive and
motivating, and that, you are!”


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